Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i guess i should have one of these

currently listening to my friends's beautiful voice while i try to get some rest-- this heat is not helping stop the tossing and turning. this apocalyptic change of weather pattern is NOT the business. i think the east and west can compromise. all that hurricane ovr there and the heat ovr here should cancel eachother out.

enough about the weather... i think ill try once again to get sum sleep. NO sudden movements is the trick, i hear. let's try.

to all the people out there in the world-- have a G nite.



cdeboda said...

Hey there...just recently found your blog through Wattana's blog. So where can i get a CD/mp3's of the music on your site?? Good stuff! :)

Grady O Williams III said...

Ok... I commented on your blog.. How about updating this thing!