Sunday, October 21, 2007

early christmas

this is my little robot santa. its for my dad's Christmas card
this blog is making him look towed up though.

i soooo added more colors ;)

i dont know if the eiffle tower look recognizable.

talking about CHRISTMAS-- i think im giving myself
a GPS system thingy. yeah...

this one goes inside. my dad's company is called "KING'S steel detailing. the THREE kings sure is fitting for this season's greeting cards... ;)

this is for melvin's ANNOYING a**.
thanks for buggin me to put this up.
although im sure he won't be seeing this blog.

WHO reads blogs????


That Rascal said...

I read blogs!

nice robos!

cool designs.


Grady O Williams III said...

That does look like an effiel tower... oh and no I don't read blogs!!! They take up too much of my time... and If I win 50 xboxes I wouldn't give anybody one! I'll sell it to you for 350.00 though...